About Us

People who reside or work in the city of Oshawa need a locksmith company that is totally reliable, and we try our best to provide the most professional locksmith services for anyone who needs our help. We, at Oshawa Locksmith, know what it takes to take care of any lock that you may need fixing. We have trained our locksmiths to replace keys and repair or install locks without any complications. If you have to deal with a lockout, we know that our Lockout Services are exactly what you need to get back to your everyday life. Find out for yourself how much we care about our clients in the Oshawa area.

The city of Oshawa is located in the southern part of Ontario, Canada and is approximately 60 kilometres east from downtown Toronto. Oshawa was established in 1850 and holds nearly 150,000 residents. The city holds the title “Automotive Capital of Canada” due to being the location of “General Motors Canada”. Oshawa has been a great spot to film movies, such as “Studio 54”, “Chicago”, “Billy Madison”, and “X-Men”. Sports and betting is quite popular in Oshawa, especially horserace betting. Actually, the city is the birthplace of Northern Dancer, Canada’s most famous and challenging racehorse. There are many wonderful factors in living or relaxing in the city of Oshawa. This city has a rich history, and it seems to only get richer by the year.

Our Residential Locksmith services have helped many Oshawa residents get back into their homes. We work very hard to make sure that all homeowners have strong locks that will lock without any problems. Find out a couple of tasks our experts can do for your specific situation:

  • Fix Any Mobile Home Locks
  • Conduct Proper Back or Front Door Lock Repair

If you need a company to handle your vehicular lockout, we can provide our expertise on how to help our clients out of their Vehicle Lockouts. Check out a couple of things that our Automotive Locksmith specialists can do for you:

  • Car Lock Change
  • Replace Car Key

Your place of business needs to have strong, durable locks at all times. You do not want any criminal trying to steal money or other valuables out of your place of business. Our company can provide you with a suitable Business Locksmith service that will make sure that:

  • Security Lock Works Properly
  • Emergency Lockout Situations Are Handled Properly
We, at Oshawa Locksmith, will provide you with the most reliable locksmith services in the city. If you need our help, call: (905) 231-1302.