Handicap Door Operators

With the help of handicap automatic door openers, people in wheelchairs and scooters have easy access to any property. If you are interested in installing an automatic door opener at home, let us know. If you want commercial solutions, don’t hesitate to ask our opinion. Oshawa Locksmith specializes in all branded access control equipment in Ontario, including automatic door operators. We install new systems and take care of the existing ones with fast response repair service and regular maintenance. Call our company if you need service or want to ask questions.Handicap Door Operators Oshawa

With fast handicap door opener service, we fix problems

Your Oshawa handicap door operators are safe with our services. Each one of these systems is designed to serve the requirements of each customer. There are low energy systems which are ideal for residential application and allow you to go from one room to the other with ease. The door closes at a slower pace to protect you from injuries. Commercial handicap door operators are designed for heavy duty applications. They must keep the door open for as long as there are people passing through. Most of these systems work with sensors, and the home door usually opens with remote or wall mounted systems.

Whether you care to install a new handicap door opener at home or in your business, depend on our installation expertise. Need to replace the existing door opener? We can fix, upgrade and replace your existing automatic door opener and also offer emergency repairs. When the door doesn’t open fully or remains half open, call our company. Any problem with the door closer, the sensors or the remote control is also fixed by our team.

Our team covers your emergency door opener repair needs

Do you want to learn more about the newer operating systems in Ontario? Want emergency handicap door operators Oshawa service? Our company is equipped to provide full services when it comes to these special door opener systems. We help you quickly, fix damage, install new operators, replace the broken remote and guarantee expert service. Contact our company today.