Master Key Lock System

With a master key lock system, you only carry one key to open many doors and still have control of who is having access to which area in the office or apartment building. The key to having such a convenient locking system is its proper design and installation. There are many variations among these systems so that the requirements of each building and customer will be met. In spite of the differences between these systems, our company has the experience to service them. Call us if you want to repair or install a master key lock system in Oshawa, Ontario.Master Key Lock System Oshawa

Call our company for master key system installation

Oshawa Locksmith has been installing master systems for a long time. We only work with the products of the largest manufacturers to ensure high quality master locks to our clients. With the expertise and skills of our technicians, you can be sure of our quality services too. We will be there to install a new apt building master key system in Oshawa or take care of problems of the system at your office.

Why should you be interested in a master key system?

The basic idea is to have one master key to open and lock all doors in the building. This is the key the super, manager, or caretaker will have. And then there are change keys, which are distributed to the tenants or workers. This is the simplest form of an apartment or office master key system.

The benefits of such systems?

  • Regardless of how many doors there are in the building, the manager/caretaker only uses one key.
  • If you want some employees to have access to some rooms but restrict their access to other areas in the office building, you can have a master system designed accordingly.
  • Keys and locks can be replaced, fixed, and serviced.
  • High security is ensured.
Why trust our company for master key system services?

We are trained to install but also service such systems and respond fast when you need us. Our pros can suggest solutions and will rekey the locks in accordance to your key requirements. Our techs are all updated, well-equipped, and ready to cover your master key lock system Oshawa needs. Contact us for more info.